Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Printing

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I did Toilet Paper Roll Heart Printing with both the boys (1&4). I've been seeing this activity all over Pinterest, HERE, HERE, and HERE, and knew we just had to put this on our Valentine's Day Activity List!

If you visit the other's I mentioned who did this before us, you'll see that they pinched the toilet paper roll and some of them used scotch tape to keep the shape of their heart in place. Great idea and it made perfect little hearts! However, I let L (4) shape the toilet paper roll and I didn't bother with the tape. The prints didn't come out perfect, but perfect is never really the goal. I guess if we were making valentine's cards with these (and we still may!) I'd probably tape the tube, but we were just lazily painting on a rainy afternoon.

L made some prints and then decided he wanted to use the paint to fill them in. 

and I dipped little B's in some paint, gave him some paper, demonstrated a stamp, then he took over!

 Simple and fun!

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  1. cute, I saw this idea on pinterest and have been wanting to try it with my toddler.


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