Saturday, January 5, 2013

Polka Dot Bath

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This was such a simple and fun bath with an educational twist! I purchased a pack of round foam circles at Hobby Lobby to create our Polka Dot Themed Bath. With a little water splashed on the walls, craft foam sticks all by itself and can be peeled to stick and re-stick as many times as you'd like as long as the foam or the walls are a bit wet. Craft foam can be bought or cut into many different shapes and objects so it's a really simple and cheap way to make bath time fun!
I also added neon purple food coloring to the bathwater as an added element of fun!

Without intention, our polka dot bath turned into a learning opportunity as well!
 L wanted to use each separate tub wall to sort the polka dots into color groups and when he was finished we counted how many were in each group and then we added them all up.  

When it was time for my 15 mo old to get in the bath, I drained the bath a bit and moved the circles down along the inner tub walls so he could reach them safely without standing.

 This bath was a hit with both boys..and so totally simple!

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We were originally inspired to do crazy themed and fun baths by Growing a Jeweled Rose, who now has a new site called Bath Activities for Kids.
Visit her site for tons of fun and educational bath ideas!

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  1. Love this simple idea! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. you are a genius! thanks for sharing! love your ideas!

  3. hello! here in ARGENTINA we haven't got that type of sticky foam. we have simple foam! haow can I stick them on the wall? which glue can I use!
    thakns for sharing! awesome idea!

    1. Its just regular foam. With being wet it sticks :)

    2. use the little wall hanging things they have now. put one on back the circle put the other on the wall! or Velcro pieces...

  4. This is AWESOME!!!

    I'm going to use them with math facts...put the problems on the walls (written on the bubble) & the answers in the tub with PLENTY of bubbles and the have to "dive" for the answer that matches the problem. Fun way to review math facts.


  5. That is a very adorable baby you have. And I like the way the polka dots are beautifying your bathroom.

  6. Doesn't the foodcoloring turn your kids purple too? Never used it before, but it looks wonderfull!


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