Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crayon Melting on a Candle Warmer

Candle Warmer + Wax Paper + Crayons = an entire morning of fun!

and of course I had to try too...and a rainbow was made as always :)

parental guidance is strongly advised!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

A picture post about life during the past week.

My Castle
I bought L a bunch of different sets of Architectural Blocks for Christmas and I think I have just as much fun as he does with them!

L's Castle. Cool huh?!

L's General Store
We've all been sick and stuck indoors for a few weeks, so I turned our entryway into an elaborate pretend play setup. It's still there a week later. I hate to take it down because we all love it!

Yes, of course you may wear your super hero cape out to breakfast! :)

Speaking of breakfast...
I had crab cakes eggs florentine benedict and I think I found my new favorite food!!

Me and my little family spending a gorgeous afternoon laying on a blanket in the yard :)

I went shopping and came home to find my husband making L a sandwich.
Not just any sandwich though....he made a butterfly using cheeseballs and almonds for the body and a flower with an orange! 
I just love that man. Such an awesome daddy :)

We found treasure!
Well actually, I found a jar in the back of my cupboard filled with money from all over the world! There's even old confederate money from the 1800's! We have to give it back to the original owner of the house of course, but it was so neat just to get to look through. L thought it was so cool that I think we'll start a similar collection for him!  

on our way home my husband says, "I've always wondered where this road goes." and he swirved off the main road and suddenly we were in a field and we just kept going lol. We prooobably weren't supposed to be there lol, but it was fun!

A trip to the Natural Foods store where I found LOW CARB PASTA! SCORE!!

Little "B" takin a bath.
There's something so calming, relaxing, and peaceful about giving your baby a bath. It's theraputic.

Ford looks on curiously.
Speaking of Ford...we have found him a new home. He was such an adorable cat, but when I rescued him a few months ago I knew we were only keeping him temporarily until we could find him a good home. We'll miss him though. He was so sweet!

Finally sitting up on his own!!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cranberry Stamping

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After thanksgiving we had some cranberries just hanging around. I didn't want to waste them, but they aren't very tasty by themselves and there isn't any cranberry anything I like very well. L tried eating one anyway and quickly decided he didn't like them. He did ask me to cut one open to see what was inside and we discovered that cranberries make super cool tiny prints!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretend Cooking With Real Ingredients

One of the greatest sensory and imaginitive play experiences we do is pretend cooking with real ingredients. I've been doing this with L since he was one. At that age it was very simple...just some noodles, a bowl of water, and some utensils. At age 2 it became more involved with a bigger variety of ingredients. At 2 He loved mixing things in the water and the pretend play was beginning to come into the picture.  At 3 1/2 though, this is so far my most favorite age for this activity! Not only is the fun of mixing things still there, but the pretend play is also now a big part of it. He loves playing chef!

I've also gotten a bit smarter as the years go by on how to deal with the mess of this fun activity!

The Ingredients
Tea bags, salt, coffee, nuts, seeds, crackers, rice,
dried pasta, bread, oatmeal, sweet potato slices, dried beans

A simple dough ball of flour and water.

and the BEST part...confetti eggs!
No, not a "real" ingredient but around Easter time I stock up on these to use throughout the year on all sorts of projects.  I get them at Walmart. It's the fun of cracking eggs and the colorful suprise inside that made this the highlight of the activity. L went through 3 cartons! 

The Setup
I use to just lay out a table cloth with the pots and pans and bowl of water on it. It made a mess but it was manageable. Now though, we have one of those long storage bins and I put the pots and pans in there so for the most part the spills stay contained! It's muuuch easier this way!

He learned how to use a grater

Cracking the confetti eggs were his favorite!

He used the dough to make a pie

and some ice cream for me :)

I really believe this is one of those "must do" with your kids kind of things. It has been so cool to watch how L's play has evolved over the years doing this.
It is truly an amazing sensory and imaginitive play experience!

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