Sunday, January 6, 2013

Homemade Edible Finger Paints for Babies and Toddlers

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After I made the scented and colored rice using the new Frosting Creation Flavor Powder Mixes, I've been trying other ways to use them as well! My brother came for Christmas and after talking with his girlfriend, I learned of her frustration with trying sensory activities with her 16 month old son because he mouths on everything. So for her son's Christmas gift I put together a few different sensory play activities that were safe for mouthing babies. Since she had never painted with him before, I wanted to make some edible paints.  I had some vanilla yogurt in the fridge so I mixed a few of the the Frosting Creations Flavor Mix packets with the yogurt in separate bowls to make several different kinds. Lemme just tell you...YUMMY! I did try a tiny bit of each flavor and they were absolutely delicious! 

I filled clean and empty baby food containers with each flavor
 to give as part of our gift basket of sensory goodies.

 I did save some some for Little B as well! B(17 mo) isn't mouthy at all, but he sure did love these paints!  He never actually tried to eat it, but did have lots of fun with it as you can see! :) 
Lots of squishing it between fingers. Oh, and what you see in the bottom left picture is his new *awesome* habit of rubbing his "food" in his hair. Yeah, we take A LOT of baths in this house! 

*Probably obvious, but keep in mind that these paints need to be refrigerated if not used right away, and of course that they will expire with the date on your yogurt container.**

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  1. Awesome idea! I have done a similar project with my 3 boys with chocolate and vanilla pudding and food coloring. Such as blast watching them!

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  3. Awesome idea! I'm in Australia and looking for somewhere to find the frosting powder or an alternative to use because i don't think i've ever seen it here before!

    1. Im with you!! Ive seen all the great ideas using these frosting powders and id love to know where we could find them in Australia. Perhaps ebay?

  4. I've heard this comment from quite a few people outside of the US. It would seem this may be a US only product. BUT you can buy them on Ebay and Amazon! I've seen pretty good deals for bulk packages on Ebay which include lots of flavors. If you need an alternative, Koolaid is the only thing I can think of that would be comparable. Do you have Koolaid in Australia?

  5. Absolutely LOVE all your ideas. Thanks!!!

  6. I just did this activity today! It was great! I made a batch of homemade yogurt last week (just for fun and to try it). I used the yogurt I made and food coloring! It was so much fun! The colors were so vibrant. I used about 2tbs of yogurt for each color and 4-5 drops of coloring.
    I was glad I came across this because I have more yogurt than I can handle in my fridge!

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