200+ Activites for Ages 1-5

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This is a huge ONGOING list of creative activities from 
Play Create Explore
that i've done with my boys in the last few years 
from the ages of 1-5.

The list is mostly in age ASCENDING order, so you'll find most of the baby/toddler play first. However, keep in mind that even most activities towards end of the list can be modified for younger children.  

(If there are any link issues let me know and I'll fix them right away. Thanks!)

Color of the Week Series: (Exploring Colors with a Toddler 
1 color, 1 week at a time. Tons of color themed activities!)

Edible Finger Paints for Babies and Toddlers 

Baby's First Time Painting (13 months)

Baby Sensory Bin (noodles, rice, and shapes)

Baby Sensory Bin (colored sand and blocks)

Baby Sensory Bin (Christmas themed)

Epsom Salt Sensory Play

Kitchen Nesting Cups (baby play)

Baby Drums

Messy Learning with Shaving Cream and Gluing Beans

Toddler Science: Oil and Water+ Food Coloring

Wax Paper Collage

Painting with Water

Clean Mush


Corn Painting

Corn Shuckin'

Utility Paper Exploration

Contact Paper Collage

Color Wheel Painting

Crazy Textures Painting

Fly Swatter Painting

Egg Shell Sensory

Toy Truck Track Painting

Cotton Ball Activity: Exploring SOFT

Body Painting on a Sheet

Paint Filled Eggs

Powdered Paint Filled Eggs

Colored Ice Cubes

Koolaid Colored Ice Cubes

Ocean Sensory Bin

Imprinting with TP and PT Rolls

Baked Cotton Balls

Colored Tape Collage

Bubble Wrap Printmaking

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Edible Berry Painting

Toddler Science: Milk Rainbows

Dinosaur Eggs with Coffee Dough

Treasure Rocks

Nut Boats

Jello Sensory Activity


Apple Printing

Playing With Dried Orange Slices

Christmas Themed Shaving Cream Sensory Bin

Pretend Cooking and Baking With Real Ingredients  (Age 2)

Pretend Cooking with Real Ingredients  (Age 3)

Sticky Salt Painting

Snow Painting

Crayon Melting on a Warm Plate

Treasure Ice Cubes

Color Experimenting in a Clear Plastic Egg Carton

Sponge Painting

Funny Magazine Cutout Gluing and Pasting

Window Markers

Marble Painting

Clay Birds Nest Using Natural Materials

Bath Mat, and Marbles Activity

Buttons: Matching, Sorting, Counting

Plastic Easter Egg Matching Game

Indoor Bubble Blowing

Chalk and Water Play Ideas

Painting Daisies

Pretend Play: Stuffed Animal Bubble Bath and Grooming

Water Balloon Cut-Up

Outdoor Pretend Play: Clothesline

Pretend Play: Store

Paper Bag Puppets

Pretend Garden in a Storage Container

Indoor Spider Web and Bug Rescue

Styrofoam Sculptures

Shaving Cream and Powdered Paints

Painting on a Dry Erase Board

Playdough Filled Balloons

Bubble Printing

Pool Noodle Printing

Magnets and Backdrops Used For Storytelling

Abstract Art Using a Giant Geoboard

Painting Over Hot Glue Gun Designs

Magazine Googly Eye Funny Faces

Pool Noodle Marble Run

Floor Puzzles: Tape and Blocks

Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

Toilet Paper Roll Trail

Weaving With a Styrofoam Produce Tray

Painting with Pudding

Apple Picking Sensory Bin

Hidden Diamonds in Waterbeads Sensory Bin

Leaf Snowflakes and Confetti

Fall Sensory Bin

Army Men Outdoor Play

Puffy Paint

Spice Painting

Cardboard Box Drive Thru Restaurant

Sea in the Sink

Painting With a Battery Powered Spin Spa

Preschool Science: Candy Experiments-Melting and Dissolving

Hail Painting

Indoor Miniature Playscapes: Jungle

Indoor Miniature Playscapes: Tiny Village

Cooked Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Cloud Dough

Making Orange Juice with a Hand Juicer

Toy Painting

Contact Paper Sticky Table

Weird Object Painting

Snow Playdough

Secret Messages in Sea Shells

Huge Popcorn Fight

Rainbow I Spy Sensory Bin

Finders Keepers Treasures

Mini Indoor Skating Rink and Popsicle Stick Ice Skaters

Cozy Reading Area

Fun With a Roll of Toilet Paper

Toothpicks and Marshmallows

Shredded Paper Sensory Bin

Magic Carpet: Imaginary Play and Exercise

Crayon Melting on a Candle Warmer

Comparing and Guessing Weight On a Scale

Secret Messages with Birthday Candles and Watercolors

Contained Body Painting

Cranberry Stamping

The "What's missing?" Game

The "Guess that Smell" Game

Painting with a Mini Back Massager

Big Laminated Dinosaur to Color Over and Over Again

Clay or Playdough Birds Nests

Stone Soup

Playing with Tiny Ice: Sensory and Fine Motor 

Birdseed Sensory Bin

A Sheet of Ice + Food Coloring + Salt = Wow!

Felt Faces

Shaving Cream Slip N Slide

Shaving Cream Rainbow Slip-N-Slide

Pond/Lifecycle of a Frog Sensory Bin

Outdoor Play with a PVC Pipe

20 Ways to Play with Shaving Cream

Painting with a Paint Roller

Ice + Glitter + Baby Oil 

Window Screem Printing/Painting

Blue Glitter Goop

Large Scale Fingerpainting

Aluminum Foil River, Pond, and Waterfall

Colored Vinegar and Baking Soda Eruptions

Outdoor Pretend Cooking Setup

Creating a Mini Pond in a Container

Crushed Chalk Potions

How to Capture and Preserve a Spider Web on Paper

Fun Baths

Night Time Outdoor Reflector Hunt

Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

Nature Hammering

Glow in the Dark Fan

Summer Snowballs


Bathtub Restaurant

Playing in Rainbow Puddles

Coffee Can Stilts

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

Colored Sand Play

Chocolate Playdough

Painting and Printing with Styrofoam

Pendulum Painting

Toy Imprints in Clay

Web Weaving

Salad Spinner Art

Painting and Printing with Hedge Apples 

Fun Learning Activities with Laminated Alphabet Letters

Plastic Cup Phones (classic toy)

Sticky Frame Nature Collage

Colored Glue Art

Face Feature Magnets

Scented and Colored Rice (for sensory play)

Tape Resist Snowflakes 

Coffee Bean Sensory Bin

Playing with Playdough in Water

Party Paint

Marshmallow Stamping

Ice Cream Dough

Fun Way to Learn About Bees

Polka Dot Bath

Button Collection I-Spy

Homemade Scented Paints

Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum Scented Play dough

Sensory Play Recipes Using Frosting Creations

Bubble Wrap Run

Baby Oil Sensory Bags

Make a Photocopy Storybook

River Habitat Small World Sensory Bin

Monster Punching Bag

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Printing

Popcorn Kernel Sensory Bin

Felt Rainbow Busy Bag

Winter Wonderland Small World Sensory Play

Toy Car Painting

Scented Bubble Mountains

Edible Popcorn Painting

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Sensory Bin

Shaving Cream on the Windows

Black Light Painting

Fizzy Rainbow Science

Yellow Activities and Sensory Bins


  1. Im a 20year old mom with two boys my baby is one an my oldest is 3 i am looking for activitys that i can do with both of them ab this page has gave me alot of ideas

  2. Good ideas you got here, apart from letting them explore things by their own safely, you are also starting to develop their creative sides by letting them do art activities. You could also include some dog grooming activities with your child. Me and my little sister are doing that together too even when we visited our relatives in Long island.

  3. Thank you for this list!! I have a 12 month old and have been running out of ideas. Can't wait to watch our wee man get creating and have some fun.

  4. Replies
    1. Right! Her son is one lucky boy! I sure hope he sees that when he is older! :)

  5. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up! I love this list, and use it often in my home daycare.. Thanks so much!

  6. This one good way in nurturing your child's interest in arts and crafts. Also this will enhance their visual appreciation by distinguishing other colors from the other.

  7. Quality time with the family is one of the most important factor to keep a ties and bond tight. Having a reserve time to bond and be with them is one good way of clarifying any misunderstandings and issues between each and every member of the family.

  8. Awesome job! We have a busy summer ahead thanks to you! Please don't ever delete this! --The link to the salt/ice project doesn't work:(

  9. This is a brilliant collection of ideas! Really fabulous. Thank you!

  10. I am an Italian Art teacher and I work with kids from 3 to 10! Here I found a lot of news ideas and inspirations! Deeply thank you!

  11. Just thought I’d let you know I included a link to some of your activities, including painting with trucks on my personal blog. Such cute ideas! Thanks for the post!

    Amy Senter


  12. Wow, I've been trying (and failing) to find fun and cheap sensory play things to do with my son who is 4 and has Asperger's Syndrome, needless to say that I will be giving a lot of these a go. On the plus side my 2yr old daughter can join in too :)

  13. incredible...fantastic...absolutely brilliant!!!
    thank you soooo much for sharing!
    GOD bless :D


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