Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hanging Balloon Painting

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It was Little B's 2nd birthday so we had balloons around. 
I hung some up under the deck stairs outside to let the boys paint them with washable paint. 

They had SO MUCH FUN with this! Not only did they paint the balloons, but there was lots of spinning, batting, kicking, ended up to be a gross motor activity for sure. 

At first Little B was frustrated because the balloon kept moving away from him when he tried to paint it (which was really funny to watch actually lol) He figured out how to get a good grip on it while bending over to get the paint and then keep a hold of it while painting. Toddler problem solving! 

L liked to get a bunch of paint on his hand and then spin the balloon to completely cover it with paint. 

By the end, they looked like this...which is pretty much the norm around here.
Although that red all over is a bit unnerving haha! :)

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homemade Washable Face Paints

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 Homemade Washable Face Paint

The boys had so much fun painting their faces (and arms..and legs..and feet) with very
  easily washable face paint 

Recipe for Washable Face Paints
Baby Lotion + Washable Paint (liquid or powdered tempura works too) 
+ Dishwashing Soap   (and it isn't an exact science) 


2 tablespoons Cold Cream + 4 tablespoons Cornstarch + Washable Paint 

I've tried both and they both work great! If you go with the 2nd recipe, just buy the cheaper generic white cold cream. Pictured below is the first recipe.  I put some lotion into each bowl, added a 1/2 teaspoon or so of powdered tempura paint, and 1 squirt of dish soap then stirred. If your going to use liquid tempura or washable paints such as Crayola, there won't be much difference in texture except maybe it wont be as thick. You can add a bit of cornstarch to thicken if needed. It can be easily removed with soap and water, just try to keep it away from the eyes. It's not tear free.
Easily Washable Homemade Face Paint

I set the boys up outside with their own mirrors and and brushes. My oldest was fine with the instruction to keep it out of his eyes, but I kept a closer watch over little B. 

   A beautiful mess!

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