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We love Sensory Bins and Sensory Activities! I was putting together sensory focused activities and sensory bins before I even knew what to call them, or realized how important they were! And now I realize their importance and I love making them as much as L and B love playing with them! I call them all "Sensory Bins" even though many of the sensory activities are in bowls, pans, kiddie pools, the floor, etc.

We also love small world play! Our small world setups are always a sensory experience, which is why you'll find small world play activities listed here as well.

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Sensory Bin Activities! 
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Sensory Material Collection

Construction Site Sensory Bin

Black Light Sensory Bin

Peter Rabbit Small World Sensory Bin

Brown Themed Sensory Bins

Feather and Cotton Ball Sensory Bin

Beach Small World Sensory Bin

Epsom Salt and "Diamonds" Sensory Bin

Construction Paper 
Rainbow Sensory Bin

Rainbow Sensory Bin

 Green Themed Sensory Bins

Yellow Themed Sensory Bins

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Sensory Bin

Winter Wonderland Small World Sensory Play

Popcorn Kernel Sensory Bin

River Habitat Small World Sensory

Epsom Salt Sensory Play

Homemade Colored and Scented Rice for Sensory Play

Coffee Bean Sensory Bin

Colored Sand

Christmas Sensory Bin for Babies

Baby Sensory Bin with Rice, Noodles, and Shapes

  cotton balls on a plate...exploring SOFT.

Ice+Salt+Food Coloring Exploration

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  1. I LOVE all of the sensory bin ideas!!!!! But I keep wondering what you do with the items in the bin after your kids are done with them? I know some things can be taken out and cleaned up easily, but what about other things (different beans all mixed up, salt, spaghetti, rice, etc.)? I am just imagining this HUGE stockpile of materials bagged up...haha! I can't imagine buying this stuff to throw it away right away...

    1. I try to salvage as many bins as I can. You can often make the "clean-up" part of the learning. For example, if you have a bin of mixed beans, pastas or other larger items you can set out a sorting container for each type and invite the children to sort them. As they do, you can put them into individual bags for use later. Colored rice or other smaller items can be "recycled" into art media. I do bag up and reuse salt, oatmeal, coffee grounds/beans. If shared with other teachers, make sure to clearly label the storage container as "sensory bin only" or it might accidently be grabbed for a cooking project.

  2. My daughter does these bins with her daughters. Make a few bins and rotate them every week or so. Also can use mixed up items as art projects to glue on paper, cardboard, or boxes. Great for using as sorting and patterns.

  3. Wow, Thank you!!!

  4. Oh wow! Totally LOVE this idea and the list of bin choices is endless. The pond one is my favourite. Thanks so much for the great post. Cheers, Julia :)


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