Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I Can't Do Scary Movies

The other day I was browsing through PPV movies and I accidentally bought the scary movie "The Last House on the Left." I was nooot happy about this because I do not really like scary movies but I also felt like I needed to watch it because I paid $5.99 for it!

Im ok with fictional scary movies...monsters, vampires, ghosts, etc. Its the movies that resemble real life situations that I just can't watch. This movie was about a family of psycho killers that torture these 2 girls (i'm sure there was more to it, I just didn't watch enough of it to know more.) The thing is...I can't sit and watch a movie about something realistically horrible happening to someone..murder, torture, rape, abuse...etc. Its because I know that whatever Hollywood has came up some point, something similar happened to a real person. Its like I'm watching someones real life tradgedy. It just doesn't feel right. It's hard for me to separate in my mind the fact that those are actors and its just a movie, when all I can think about is how the actor playing that role is really playing the part of someone whose life was taken in a similar way. Same goes for the antagonist role...there are grossly sick people out there and there is nothing Hollywood can conjure up that some sick bastard hasnt already done or thought about doing. I can't stomach watching movie psychos because I know that they really exist!

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