Friday, January 4, 2013

Learning About Bees

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We had a really neat lesson somewhat spur of the moment life science lesson about bees and how honey is made. I found a whole honey comb at a country market and knew L (4 yrs) would think it was really neat, so I bought it with the intention of letting him pick it apart and explore it. 

which is exactly what we he did! I set the honeycomb on a plastic tray and gave him a
 nut pick which was great for picking and prodding.

He had lots of questions about how bees made the honey and though I know the basics, it came to me that YouTube probably had some really neat child friendly learning videos about bees and I was right! 

Here was L's favorite video

and here's another child friendly video about bees in general that was pretty interesting as well!

Between the videos and a real honeycomb, this was a really amazing way to teach my child about bees and the making of honey. We've discussed how bees make honey before, but this time you could see that his interest was peaked at a totally higher level and that he really understood! 
I thought it was just so neat how into it he was! Such a cool  

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  1. There doesn't seem to be a link except to a picture.

  2. It's great watching kids be so excited about learning something new.


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