Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enchanted Garden Themed Bath

Bath Ideas for Kids

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Bathing in an enchanted garden would surely delight the imagination of any child! 
That was certainly the case with L.  He loved this bath!
Yes, this was bath was one of our most "over the top" and time consuming baths to put together, but most of our bath setups are much more simple. Sometimes though, it's so fun to go ALL OUT! 
Like a lot of my bath time supplies, I found a huge bag of fake moss at a thrift store for just a few dollars.
I used duct tape to stick the moss onto the sides of the tub, and I painted the garden scene with washable paint.

The extra items are things we had already.
I also used the duct tape to stick some objects to the wall.
Tiny objects were hidden among the moss. My son loved searching for and finding each one.

I placed fake mossy rocks within the moss (found in the fake plant isle at Walmart) and placed our homemade mushroom on the side of the tub. We've used this "mushroom" for lots of imaginary scenes! See how to make a whimsical mushroom HERE!

The finishing touch was a few drops of green food coloring added
to the water with some floating fake flowers.
Bath Ideas for Kids

Apparently our moss had some heavy dye in it and when I removed it from the tub there were green stains. I mixed a bottle of bleach water and misted the entire tub. The stains were gone in minutes without any scrubbing or anything!

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