Saturday, January 19, 2013

Make a Photocopy Storybook

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We've been coming up with all sorts of ways to keep occupied while being trapped indoors with colds for the last few weeks. I showed L how the photocopier worked which he thought was lots of fun! At first he was afraid to put his hand on it, but after watching me do it and seeing the neat picture it made, he did his too and then we did LOTS more. He kept running around looking for different toys to try.

He thought the laser was super cool

And I decided to keep all of his pictures and turn it into a book!
 L loves to tell stories so I gave him each page and asked him to tell me a short story about what was happening in each picture. I wrote his responses down and added them to each page.  
I stapled one side so it would be a flip-book. 
It turned out really cute and it's something that will be fun to look back on years later!

This one is a bit blurry, but the story is: 
"When he drove the truck there were bombs everywhere and he couldn't get across!" 

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  1. :)*

    Love our blog!

  2. What a great idea! I think I would even like to try this and create a story myself! ;)

  3. This is a really creative idea! My 5 year old loves to use the copier but I've never thought about making a book out of the copies. I bet she would love to do this!

  4. My son creates stories about his toys all the time. What a great idea to photocopy them and make a book!


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