Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homemade Scented Paints

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 After I made the scented and colored rice using the new Frosting Creation Flavor Powder Mixes, I've been trying other ways to use them as well, like our Homemade Edible Paints for babies and toddlers.

This time we mixed the Frosting Creation Powder Packets with shaving cream, (as did Bath Activities for Kids. HERE) and made the yummiest scented paints you've ever smelled...seriously. EVER. They smell VERY strong, though not so strong that it's obnoxious...more like delicious! Though just to clarify...this particular paint recipe is NOT edible and when your kids smell these, you MAY have to remind them of it once or twice!   

Unscented Shaving Cream + Duncan Hines Frosting Creation Packets in any flavor!

A scratch-N-sniff computer screen would be rad right now huh?!

Check out these deliciously scented "flavors!"
These are just the flavors I had on hand..there are MANY MORE!

and we did the coolest activity with them!

Scent Mixing Painting
The scent of these flavored paints are so strong that you can seriously mix them together to make new smells. L thought this was awesome! I let him mix right on the kitchen table because with a warm wet rag, this stuff wipes up really easily! The kitchen smelled amazing!

He would mix a few paints together and then smell his creations...
Cotton Candy Apple Pie
Bubble Gum Strawberry Shortcake
Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Marshmallow White Chocolate Rasperry Orange Creme

It didn't matter what was mixed together..it was all awesomeness! 

Such an awesome sensory experience!

They SMELL as delicious as they look!

To see ALL the fun ways we've used Frosting Creations in Sensory Play, Click the photo below!

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  1. I'm impressed he didn't try to eat them - they look amazing!

  2. this sounds fun but im going to see if doing the foam paint this way. shaving cream white glue and instead of paint use these frosting packets. That way their painting smell delicious :)


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