Sunday, January 13, 2013

Homemade Scented Watercolors

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So we are still finding fun ways to use the Frosting Creations Flavor Mixes from Duncan Hines! I first discovered that they could be a key ingredient in sensory play recipes when I made my Homemade Scented Rice for Sensory Play and have been using them in so many ways since! They are cheap, easy to find in most grocery stores, and there are so many flavors to choose from! 

See ALL the fun ways we've used these...

Check out all these yummy flavors!
 Our paints smelled exactly like each one and our whole kitchen smelled amazing while we were painting!

This time I used them to make 
Homemade Scented Watercolors
 simply pour 1 packet into a jar and add a bit of water.

As you can see, the colors are beautiful! 
The coolest thing of course, is that they smell absolutely delicious, which makes the painting experience just that much more fun!

Just a few of our scented watercolor paintings. 
They smell sooo good even hours later after they are dry!

Don't forget to check out ALL the fun and easy ways we've used Frosting Creations for fun deliciously Scented Sensory Play, by clicking the picture below!

I also just discovered a new coupon for 50 cents off any Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Product to use at participating Walmarts. Offer expires 2/13/2013
To get the coupon, click HERE

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  1. I think this is my favorite use of the frosting flavors yet!

  2. Those are a bit expensive to use as paints.

  3. Matrix, they really aren't that expensive. I bought each packet for under $1 and they make really pretty colors when painted with and have such unique scents that it is truly a wonderful sensory painting experience. Plus, the watercolors can be saved. We have plenty left over for LOTS more painting. Plus, you don't of course have to buy every single mix as I basically did. Even a few would be lots of fun to paint with and the scents can be mixed as well to create so many unique scents other than what they offer. I did however find a coupon for Walmart offering 50 cents off for any Frosting Creations product expiring 2/13/2013. If you are interested... Hope i've made a good case...these really are amazing and I believe they are frugal to make compared to other storebought paints...that don't perhaps smell so sweet :)

  4. I love your blog! It has opened my mind up to many new and exciting things to do with my kids! Thank you for sharing :). I am excited to watch my kids start exploring and creating in new ways.

  5. Jennifer, we've used these several ways and so far, nothing has stained. I guess I should say "never say never" but so far so good. :)

  6. Thanks for this. We used it to design our pocket folders for my daughter's project. It was colorful and so fragrant!

  7. I like this much better than the idea of feeding all those chemicals to the kids so I'd happily use them as craft supplies instead of someone gave them to me. :)

    We make homemade paints with kool-aid and it's much cheaper and also smells great. Just mix a packet with some water. You can add a drop of food coloring for more vivid colors or to make even more ranges, too. Kool-aid packets are more things that I buy only for crafts and not for ingesting. They also make great scented playdough.


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