Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bubble Wrap Run: Simple Indoor Fun!

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We had a package arrive that included a long piece of bubble wrap so on this chilly winter's day and after being cooped up inside with colds for a week, I knew exactly what to do with that bubble wrap! 

I taped it on the floor in the long hallway for a Bubble Wrap Run to encourage Gross Motor Skills and Large Movement! Both boys had so much fun with this all day long! Not only was it just fun to walk/run across, but we played this game where we had to walk as softly and gently as we could...trying to make it all the way across WITHOUT popping a single one. If you popped one, you had to come back to the start. That game brought LOTS of laughs believe me, especially when mommy tried to play. :)  

Simple indoor fun!

Later, daddy thought it was funny to walk across it when I had just put the kids down to sleep for the night....bad dad! haha 

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  1. I did this activity when I used to teach two year olds and they LOVED it. I need to do this with mine at home, he'd love it too. Thanks for the reminder :)

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  3. Awesome fun! I have some bubble wrap, I think I will create a smaller course for Aarya :) I hope he likes jumping on it :)

  4. Buenisima idea, lo haré sin falta ( Great idea i do it this weekend) thank you from Spain jeje.XDD

  5. Love this! I featured your post in a round-up of Fun Ways to Play with Bubble Wrap. You can check it out
    Thank you so much for the inspiration! :)
    Kim @ Pinspired Home

  6. They're all so pretty! Great activities for kids. These days, most would just keep them occupied...and quiet playing games on their ipads

    kids Kindergarten


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