Monday, January 7, 2013

Button Collection I-Spy Game

Homemade Game for Kids

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My Grandma had a huge button collection that I remember spending hours exploring and sorting as a kid.
Now I have a pretty rad button collection which I love to add to when I can. 
L has always loved looking through them and we've used them for play and crafting several times.

This time when L asked for the buttons I sat down with him to explore the collection which just naturally turned into a really fun I-Spy game where we took turns "spying" a certain button for the other to find.
 It was a really great calm down activity before naptime.

Homemade Game for Kids

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  1. I love this idea! I'm going to be sharing this!

  2. We love to play with buttons at my house too.

  3. My grandma had a huge button collection that I remember playing with too... buttons and marbles - Awesome idea!! And a wonderful trip down memory lane!

  4. I LOVE your button collection and wish mine was as good!! (I've about 8 buttons)!!! My mum has thousands I used to love going through her jar sorting them! guess I'd better chat to her about it!


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