Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easy Homemade Butter

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I recently started making our own Homemade Butter
It's ridiculously easy, tastes absolutely delicious, and is so much better for you!

To make homemade butter, you only need ONE ingredient...
(Salt is optional)

I'd seen a few websites offering the "how to" but none that really showed me the step by step visual of what the butter would look like during the process. Because of this, the first time I made it I kept thinking "Is it butter yet?" "Is this what its supposed to look like?" "Should I keep whipping it or stop?" 

So, I took pictures of each phase of the making of butter to show you the changes to expect.
 Hope this visual helps!   

Pour a whole quart of heavy whipping cream in a large bowl and beat with a stand 
or hand mixer on medium for about 15-20 minutes. It may take less time for some people, but this visual will still show you what to expect. 

Pictures 1-4 is what you can expect your butter to look like in the first 15 minutes of mixing. As you can see, it keeps getting thicker and thicker. 
In picture 4, it looks a lot like thick whipped cream.

You'll know your almost done when the cream starts to look "curdly" kind of like cottage cheese. It may look like this for a few minutes. You can then turn your blender up to high.

The moment your waiting for is for the buttermilk to separate from the butter. It's kind of crazy when it happens. All the sudden your "curdly" cream will start sloshing (picture 6). Beat the cream a bit more to make sure as much of your buttermilk is beat out of the butter as possible (picture 7).

You then put your butter in a strainer to drain the buttermilk. 
You can SAVE the buttermilk if you'd like. It can be used in all sorts of recipes!
Then knead the butter while in the strainer to get all the buttermilk squeezed out (picture 10)
You can see in picture 11 that that kneading your butter makes it smooth and pretty!
You can then add salt if you'd like. Sprinkle the salt on the butter and knead the butter so the salt spreads evenly. I only use half a teaspoon of salt. You can taste the salt, but it's not at all too salty. 
It's absolutely delicious!

Put your butter into an airtight container and refrigerate. It will harden quite a bit, but will still be spreadable!

I love giving homemade gifts (especially yummy treats) so I've given quite a few batches to friends as well! 

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  1. My flatmate and I are often making flavoured butter ourselves. It's really asy to just add some chive or dried tomatoes or chili and it tastes awesome :)

  2. Wow! I had no idea butter was so easy to make!

    Have you tried baking with this butter?

  3. Wow! That is amazing. I had no idea it was so easy to make butter. I can't wait to try it out. And I'm thinking homemade buttermilk pancakes with the buttermilk. I'm pinning this to try next weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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