Friday, February 3, 2012

Do you love crocheted and knitted kids hats as much as I do?

I LOVE crocheted and knitted hats on kids! I think they are flippin adorable and i'm a bit obsessed! I thought i'd share some pictures of our hats and where I got them!

The above owl hat was a gift from a fellow blogger friend Andrea from Jada Roo Can Do. She got it on Etsy, though i'm not sure which store.

I purchased this adorable hungry caterpillar outfit for B from
 Treasured Little Creations on Etsy. Isn't he precious!!

Beard hat CRACKS ME UP! I bought this from By Laura Design on Etsy

L LOVES Angry Birds so for Christmas my talented friend Pam of Pam's Custom Creations, crocheted him this amazing Red Angry Bird hat which he love love loves!

I of course couldn't leave B out so Pam made B a green pig from the Angry Birds game.

This super sweet bear hat i'm pretty sure I purchased from Knitting Paradise on Etsy.

B with his Nonny :)

B wore this hat for Christmas which was also from Knitting Paradise.

and no, this hat is neither crocheted or knitted
 but I also just love animal hats and B is just so cute in this one!

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  1. Thanks for the link for the beard hat:) I'm going to get one for baby G. I got the owl hat here:

  2. Oh goodness! So many cute hats on such cute kids! I love knowing where people get things. Thanks for the post :)

  3. How awesome that you make these... I have seen them all over. We are gearing up for more giveaways... Would you be interested in making one for a giveaway sometime? Of course, we would pay you.. but it could possibly get more traffic to your blog too! I love these!!!

  4. Your boy's little faces just melt my heart. :D


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