Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comparing and Guessing Weight on a Scale

I got a new food scale and L and I spent the morning weighing things.

We compared heavy and light. He picked them up first and told me which ones he thought were heavy and which ones were light. Then we weighed everything and compared the weights of different items. I taught L that the light things were weighed in grams and the heavy things in pounds. By the end of it he totally had it figured out and when I picked up a small item or large item he could tell me which should be weighed in lbs and which should be weighed in grams. I was so proud! When we weighed 2 heavy or 2 light items we compared the numbers so he could tell me which ones were the heaviest or lightest.

He loved weighing things and he was learning at the same time! Sweet!

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1 comment:

  1. Wish you all the lucks! :) Glad to hear your story.
    I can relate to this, my ozeri scale also awaken me to have a healthy lifestyle.
    And I'm very thankful for bathroom scale.


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