Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shredded Paper Sensory Bin

I've been waiting and waiting for my husband to shred enough junk mail to use for a sensory bin and when there was, the sensory bin was a hit--with L and the cat!

Strawberry shortcake is ice skating :)

Snow caves

The cat was intrigued right away

aaaaand he just couldn't resist getting in on the fun

Oh it was absolutely adorable

mean kitty looked on from her throne on top of the fridge

Yay shredded paper!

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  1. oooh what a great idea for a sensory tub! I wish our shredder chopped up the paper into little bits like that instead of long strips!

  2. i just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! we just started doing crafts and sensory activities with my son, who is 1 and a half, and we started with shredded paper. such fun! i even ran some construction paper through the shredder for a rainbow version. i can't wait to try more of your ideas!

  3. Do you have a face book page?
    I shared this great activity idea on my facebook page ( and wanted to tag you but couldn't find your page. Please let me know if I'm just being daft and can't see a link :)

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