Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretend Play: Magic Carpet

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I fully suppot and know the importance of Imaginary Play and I've realized that at age 3, L's  imaginitive play has become more complex and interactive, which has been so much fun! This morning I decided I wanted to break out an "oldie but a goodie" of imaginary play---Magic Carpet! This rug took L and I on many adventures! Our morning was full of fun and lots of exercise! If you'll look closely at the carpet you can see some of the things we collected from different "lands".

-A flashlight from Dark World
-Pirate treasure from Treasure Island
-Mr. Pig from Toy Land

Most of these lands and worlds were excitedly dreamed up in seconds by L,
 who has such a wonderful imagination!

Your child may think of everything on their own, but if they need a bit of coaxing in the area of pretend play, I thought i'd give you a look at what our adventures looked like...just for inspiration! :)

Dark World
This world was completely pitch black and our magic carpet crashed landed. We bumped into walls and eachother while we searched for a flashlight (which we found!). We ducked into creepy caves (closets) and shined our flashlights on creepy things like bats and cave spiders.

Treasure Island
Our magic carpet had to land in the ocean because a pirate ship was trying to shoot us down with their cannons. We rowed the carpet to the island where we found and followed a treasure map that led us to the pirates treasure! The pirates chased us but we made it back to the magic carpet just in time to fly away as a pirate almost grabbed our feet!

Toy Land
Toy Land (L's room) was filled with enchanted toys who wanted to all be played with! Mr. Pig (L's favorite stuffed animal) was the King of Toy Land and he ended up leaving with us to continue on with our many adventures.

Ice World
We had to put on our ice skates (socks) and jackets before getting off the magic carpet. We slipped and fell on the ice several times and L had to hold my hand until I got the hang of it (he took this part very seriously). Soon we were gliding gracefully and doing spins on the ice (socks on hardwood floors worked perfectly for ice world)! We also met a very friendly polar bear!

The Sun
Yes, we took a trip to the sun too! It was extremely hot so we had to put on our "sun suits" so we wouldn't get burned. It was also very bright so we had to put on our sun glasses. We drank Lava Juice (koolaid)  to cool ourselves off. We decided the sun was just to hot for us and hopped back on the magic carpet!

Dinosaur World
I almost knew we would be going to Dinosaur World! We were visiting our friend the Stegasaurus. L said he swished his tail a lot and we had to keep jumping over it while we were talking to him. We hid behind huge boulders (our couches) to hide from the scariest dinosaur of all--the T-Rex! L threw him a carrot to distract him while we ran back to the magic carpet (seriously lol)!

Flying on the Magic Carpet
Flying to these lands was also part of the adventure! We were up so high in the clouds and looked down upon the ground at all the towns and people. We passed by lots of birds and had to make sure we didn't hit any. The ride got bumpy as the wind picked up and we almost fell off the carpet a few times! We had to swerve as we almost hit mountain tops and tall trees!

This is such a simple game and will delight your child with fun and adventure. 
Once you get started you may be surprised at how vivid your child's imagination will become, and how much fun for BOTH of you this game can be  :)

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  1. Wonderful! Truely magical and bonding. Sounds like you enjoyed it just as much as your son! My son's 2 and just starting to use his imagination in this way, but I can't wait until we can have such exciting adventures as these - that's when the fun really starts! Been looking at your wonderful blog for a few days and have been totally inspired - you've got such lovely ideas! I'm an early years practitioner too and will deffo be stealing some of your ideas to use with our children! Thanks for such a fab blog x


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