Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crayon Melting on a Candle Warmer

Candle Warmer + Wax Paper + Crayons = an entire morning of fun!

and of course I had to try too...and a rainbow was made as always :)

parental guidance is strongly advised!

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  1. Very fun! We have done something similar on a warm griddle.

  2. What a fun project! I am in love with all of the colors.

  3. is that safe? does the warmer get hot enough to burn?

  4. Yes, the warmer does gets hot enough to burn. This is obviously one of those activities that every child at L's age of 3 may not be able to do. L is very concentrative and takes direction very well so this was not a big deal for him at all, but every child is different and I expect that each parent that is interested in these activities will naturally gauge their own child's ability before choosing which activity will suit them. And of course it should go without saying that constant parental vigilance is required.

  5. Parental guidance definitely should be automatic with this one. Those warmers could either cause a nasty little burn or cause a blaze needing fire extinguishers to put out.

  6. I've been contemplating for an outdoor design for our summer art camp and I guess this is just the best and the most fun way of doing it. Your posts are awesome!


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