Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Kids-Can-Help Homemade Pizzas

These pizzas originated a few years ago out of my desperate attempt to create a low carb solution to delivery pizza. Not only do they fit perfectly into my low carb lifestyle, but they are super easy and quick to make. My family loves them and i've passed it on to my mom who quickly became a fan and now makes them a few times a week. My two year old LOVES to help me cook and because these are so simple, he's able to help with most of the steps, which just makes this all the more fun.

What you'll need for basic cheese and pepperoni pizza

*You can use any flour tortillas but if you want to keep these low carb find the Mission Carb Balance Flour Tortillas. Seriously, NO DIFFERENCE in taste and it's better for you. Totally win win.

Spread on the pizza sauce

add your cheese and pepperoni
(and any spices you'd like such as italian seasoning or crushed red pepper)

Now stick it in the microwave for 1 minute to melt it all together.

After you've microwaved it, you'll want to make it crispy. You can either stick it in the oven on 375-400 for about 10 minutes OR you can put it in the frying pan (no oil) on medium high until the bottom is browned and crispy. It always seems to me that the frying pan is a better option. It's faster and gets just as crispy. Just don't get the pan too hot or you'll blacken your pizza bottom.

Easy as pizza pie!
Seriously these are so good! You might start making them every day...like I do.

If you'd like to learn more about living a sugar free/low carb lifestyle, visit my blog

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