Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Page Ornaments

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I love love love love love love book page crafts! 
They have a homey, vintage feel to them.

I've seen book page ornaments quite a few places but the inspiration really hit when I saw these.
All you need is a book, some scissors and glue, some embellishments if you'd like...
and let your imagination do the rest!

They do take a bit of time so i've only made a few.

I love making these flowers.
Use jar lids for backing if you'd like.
The "petals" are curled by wrapping the ends with a pencil for a few seconds.

Add some felt, burlap, or other material for some contrasting textures.
For the ornament below I used felt which I sprayed with glitter first.
 Its a very light and delicate glitter, not gaudy.
This one was my favorite because it sparkled so much.

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