Thursday, November 18, 2010

Playing with Dried Orange Slices

While making some pretty Dried Orange Slice Ornaments, there was a batch that was left in the oven a bit too long, however this turned out to be a good thing
because L loved playing with them! It's a great sensory activity. They smell nice, they have a cool texture, they make a neat sound when dropped on the table or floor, they can be crumbled, you can poke things through them, tear them....etc.

I put a hole in the center of a few of the slices, gave him some pipe cleaners, string, and a few hollow noodles and just let him take it from there.

He then made a face and told me it was a cowboy...Its crazy the way kids think. I love it!

To see my homemade Dried Orange Slice Ornaments, click the photo below!

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  1. Very cute Jess!!!! he looks like he was having a blast!! :D

  2. Yep he was..and it kept him busy long enough for me to clean the kitchen...yay! haha

  3. Your blog is amazing, my new favorite for kid fun!! Love it! Also I love the font you used for "Ornament", was it free? Thanks for having such a fantastic blog! :)


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