Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun with Goop

We are no strangers to Messy Art and thanks to Mary Ann Kohl's books and specifically The Big Messy Art Book, we always have tons of ideas readily on hand for lots of fun!
We made GOOP this evening and let me tell you....I had just as much fun as L did! L literally sat for 2 hours playing with this stuff which would make it the longest single activity he's ever done. He absolutely loved this stuff!  My brother and husband couldn't even resist playing in it.

When you squeeze the GOOP, it feels like a solid, but when you release your hand it becomes a liquid instantly. Seriously, its lots of fun to play with!

What you Need
1 Box (1 lb) Cornstarch
2 cups of water
Food coloring *optional*
I ended up adding another half a box of cornstarch for what I thought made the coolest consistency. Its not exact science. Play around with it and find the consistency you like.

What to Do
1. Dump the entire box of cornstarch into a plastic bin or tin pan
2. add the water and cornstarch
3. Mix by hand
4. Add foodcoloring if you want

Don't let this scare you! A warm rag works wonders on this stuff and it cleans up easily!
It washes off of hands easily too.

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  1. I have this listed in my plans for next week. I love goop but don't like the clean up lol
    I have linked back to your blog in this post.
    WE are doing a Dino theme this month and I plan to use a few of your ideas:)
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. love this idea. the funny thing is my kids came home from preschool with some of this stuff today in honor of Dr Suess's Birthday this week but they called it oobleck or something like that. At least now I know how to make it. Thanks

  3. We LOVE oobleck

  4. If you use liquid starch and glue it makes a fun goop!! Also you can put it in a baggie when your done and use it again : )

  5. I made this in the eighth grade!! We called it oobleck!! I love making this :)

  6. My daughter and I play with cornstarch (cornflour in the uk) all the time. I leave any mess made for an hour and sweep it up, it dries to a powder again, easy peasy clean up!

  7. I teach two-year olds and I love doing this activity. My co-teachers have mixed reactions. One was horrified by the mess and the other had just as much fun as the kids!

  8. Let the kids play with it in the shower/bathtub. That way its easier to clean up when they are done :)


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