Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Sew Sweater Vases

I've seen sweater vases on all sorts of crafting and decorating blogs lately. They are so warm and cozy. I knew I had to make some myself. They are also VERY easy and inexpensive to make.

What you Need
unwanted sweaters (I love the corded and soft ones)
glass vases or candle holders
hot glue gun (maybe)

What you Do
If you have old sweaters that can be sacraficed then your a step ahead. I didn't...so I hit up my local Goodwill store and bought a few for 2 dollars a piece.  They had lots of soft and cozy sweaters.
The whites, creams, and browns are what I was going for.

I already had a few glass candle holders and vases but I bought a few more at Goodwill for a dollar and under a piece.

Put your vase in a sweater sleeve.
You want to kind of match the vase to the sleeve size because you want it to fit snug.

Snip off the ends

I've seen other sweater vase How-To's that require sewing but honestly, I loath sewing. Luckily, it really isn't necessary for this project if you snip your ends nicely.

  If you have a bigger vase that wont fit into the sleeve you can use a different part of the sweater (the body) and wrap it around the vase, then a bit of hot glue gun to keep the ends together.

My favorite crafting companion

You can cover the whole vase or leave some of the glass exposed.
Tealight candles glow so soft and beautifully in them.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! After payday, I am totally hitting up Goodwill for some sweaters. Thinking about doing some Christmas colors!

  2. Yeah! Goodwill is the perfect place to get the supplies for this if you don't have extra cut-em-up sweaters laying around. I am totally thinking these for Christmas too! Winter whites, reds, and greens...ohhhh how I love soft and fuzzy crafts :)


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