Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Crafternoon Playdate

My friend's daughter came over for a fun and crafty afternoon. First we baked sugar cookies and decorated them. Then when it came time to get down to business (crafting) I had all sorts of ideas for projects planned out in my head. I ran some of these ideas by her but most of them got little enthusiasm. She finally said "how about we just get a bunch of stuff and put it on the table and see what we can make?!" ummm DUH... Freestyle Art! Kids love unguided and unstructured art time. This is when their imagination can take them as far as your crafting supplies will allow.

Cookie Time

L didn't do much decorating. He dipped his cookie in the frosting and ate it. haha! 

Craft Time

 I loaded the table with crafty goodies and set them free!

I of course couldn't resist a little crafting action myself. Being the Acorn obsessed person that I am.... acorn jingle bells
Think i'll make a bunch of these for our Christmas tree! 

As the table got messier and almost became a work of art itself. When my friend came to pick up her daughter she saw the table and said "Wow...thats like a magical mess!" That made me laugh. Yes, it was quite messy, and yes, it's also quite.....



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  1. What fun! I love the acorn jingle bell idea too!!!

  2. Thanks! And lord knows I need to find uses for my ridiculously large stash of acorns haha! But yep, it was quite a fun day :)

  3. the acorns were quite cute indeed!!!


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