Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Easy Thanksgiving Kid's Crafts

Thanksgiving Kid's Crafts

At two years old, L didn't do many "crafty" projects, but I loved the simplicity of these two thanksgiving crafts that we did-- the styrofoam ball turkey and the button indian corn craft. These are crafts that even two years later, we have kept and bring out during the Thanksgiving holiday.
L loves looking at the things he made when he was "little."

Styrofoam Ball Turkey
Thanksgiving Kid's Craft

What you Need
Styrofoam Ball
Brown Paint
Wood Craft Stick (cut in half if needed)
Googly eyes
Construction paper or felt in yellow and red (for the beak and wattle)

1. Paint the styrofoam ball brown and let it dry
2.  Poke your craft stick into the ball.
3. Rub the ball on the table or squish it down a bit to make it flat on the bottom so it will stand upright when finished.
4. Let your child poke the feathers into the back of the turkey
5. Glue on the eyes, beak, and the turkey's wattle and let dry

Button Indian Corn Craft
Thanksgiving Kid's Craft

What you need
Two pieces of construction paper-- Green/white or yellow

1. cut the separate corn shapes from the construction paper.
You can free hand as I did or use THIS TEMPLATE.

Glue the two corn pieces together, then glue on the buttons.
  Keep in mind that there are many variations!
You can also glue.. 

REAL pieces of indian corn
pieces of construction paper
felt pieces
markers and crayons
fingerprint dots
candy corn
popcorn kernels

I covered the entire paper corn with glue then let him put the buttons on, only helping him a bit to make room for more buttons.

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  1. LOVE that precious face!! great turkey idea too! I've been looking for a fun and easy one! you are so awesome! :)

  2. lol yes, he was being quite the cheeser! Thank you Cass :) If your kiddos make the turkey's send me some pics! :)

  3. Will do! Gotta get supplies this weekend!

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