Monday, June 6, 2011

Outdoor Pretend Play: Clothesline

I have a small clothesline on the backporch for clothing items I don't want to shrink in the dryer (seriously, i'm so tired of buying clothes for L and then drying them and they shrink 2 sizes!).
The line is up really high though and L always wants to help me hang clothes but isn't able to.
I've been telling him that i'll set up his own clothesline and today thats what I did. Since most of our outside play involves water nowadays, I filled his kiddie pool with water so he could "wash" everything first (just some old rags) and then hang them out on the clothesline to dry.

I showed him how to do the first two rags but he had to do a few on his own before it really caught on. It was really interesting watching him try so many different ways to pin the clothes. Not to mention just getting used to the way the clothespins work. THEN I saw him put a piece of the rag on the line, hold it there with one hand, reach for a clothespin with the other hand and then pin the rag. YAY!

He became a pro in no time.

He cleared the line several times to start over and then started having fun with the pins. Lots of concentration and coordination going on here!

L had so much fun with this and I think the line will stay up for a little while
(despite how "ghetto" daddy thinks clotheslines are haha!)
I can't get enough of watching my little boy hang "clothes" out on the line.
It's just so stinkin precious!

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  1. We love playing clothesline here:)
    Jada has the same shopping cart lol
    ~Jada roo can do
    oh and I found where you can buy the chalkboard tablecloths....Etsy has one seller who has resonable prices too. just search chalkboard tablecloths

  2. Yeah isn't it adorable to watch them hang clothes!? hehe
    Thanks for the tip about the chalkboard tablecloth! I'm so going to go buy one right now! :)

  3. let me know if you can't find it. I have it book marked:)

  4. We line dry our diapers and sometimes our towels and my youngest loves to help (she is a neat freak :)), but my older daughter hates it. Yesterday we made play silks ( and my older daughter actually agreed to go get them off the line. I thought to myself, "So, that's what it takes?"

  5. Just sweet! We line dry almost everything, so the girls both like to help out with hanging the washing, sorting the pegs, folding them afterwards....but not so much putting them away!

    Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play! Hope to see you again this week (tomorrow)!

  6. That's so cute! I would have never thought to let my kids try that!


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