Monday, June 27, 2011

Styrofoam Sculptures

I always have a few very quick and easy activites around for L when I just need a small block of time for dishes, laundry, cooking dinner, or just to rest my feet!

It started with a flower arrangement styrofoam block and some plastic toothpicks.

and after a trip to Target for some shelving, we aquired lots more styrofoam and the activity went from a 15 minute activity to an activity that he went back to off and on for days!

Once I showed him how to connect pieces together he was building towers and robots in no time!

He is super proud! This pic shows a big "whoa!" coming from him.

This was the start of his robot. It was amazing to watch his creativity.
He only asked me to help make the feet so his robot would stand up.

so the end result was this.

Our styrofoam is crumbled and broken to bits now, but it was such a fun activity while it lasted!

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  1. Odelia has been robot crazy since March. I guess I will have to get her some styrofoam.

  2. Oh great use of the styrofoam you get in boxes!!!!! I would never have thought of that!

  3. fun project! i love having things on hand to keep the kiddos busy! they often come and ask to do an "experiment" !

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