Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

A Weekly Post
That Captures the Memories We Made
From Monday-Sunday

I've always wanted a pic like this and Brian knew it.
I didn't even ask and he pulled over at the tracks so I could get my photo

 I always keep an eye out for unexpected hearts. I found this one on a TP roll. I always send the pic to my hubby and say "I (whatever the object was) you!" This time it was "I TP Roll you!"

A visit to Joplin, MO a month after the F5 tornado totally destroyed a huge portion of the town.
I'd never seen anything like it in my life

My new arts and crafts area. It's not done yet (needs more creative touches and personalization), but better than it was before. I've had all my craft stuff in cardboard boxes for about a year.
 It's so great to have it all out and organized

My mom came over to make us dessert :)

The weeks linked activities

 L devloped hives from playing in Miracle Grow Potting Soil.
:( so sad.

L got over the hives pretty quickly thank goodness, but soon after developed a high fever, runny/stuffy nose and horrible cough. My husband has sinusitis and has been sick too. I've been feeling pretty good and thought I was gonna make it in the clear....until yesterday. It hit me like a truck! I currently have THE WORST SOAR THROAT i've ever had in my entire life, which has also led to earaches in both ears, my body aches, I can't breath, and I have a fever. Of course i'm also 33 weeks pregnant and that alone comes with all sorts of aches and pains. Ohhhhh woe is we! The whole family is sick!
Yesterday was a lazy day spent in bed with all of us watching movies and reading books to L, taking turns giving and taking medicine and taking care of eachother.  

My sweet husband made me some hot tea with honey and lemon.
Sadly it didn't help but the loving gesture warmed my heart (and fever chills)

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  1. I am sending some mental/virtual chicken soup your way! Hope you feel better soon.

    Those tornado pics are crazy! I grew up in OK; I know how scary tornadoes are! Glad you guys were far enough away!

    Also, nice bowl! We have the same :)

  2. Aww, thank you! You know, oddly enough while I was reading your comment I was eating some chicken noodle soup! and yes, living in Tornado Alley is so scary. We get them here often but OK is much worse.

  3. I told your mom today that i wish i could make homemade chicken soup to bring you! haha I sure hope you guys all get better soon! Being sick while pregnant should be OFF LIMITS!! ;) I adore that pic of L on the RR tracks! Love you guys and hope to see you soon!


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