Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretend Play: Indoor Spiderweb and Bug Rescue

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The idea to make an indoor spiderweb came from a book I found at this week's visit to the library.

The web idea was fun enough, but I love to add the element of imaginitive play to anything we can so we also made spiders and bugs to hang on our web. Then we played BUG RESCUERS and saved the bugs (and Tinkerbelle) from the big bad spiders!

web supplies

our big bad spiders! 
I love L's spiders!

and our bugs to rescue!
Look at L's bug at the bottom. Do you see his sad face? Love it!

First, we hung our web 
I let L direct me where to put the lines. I told him that spider webs were very delicate and could break very easily so we had to be careful not to touch it, which led to all sorts of acrobatics! (At the time I was 32 week and this was no easy task!)

and then we hung our spiders and did lots of crawling around
 under the web so as not to wake them up, because if they did they would trap us in their web!
I left out the whole wrapping us up and sucking our blood part lol

Don't touch the web!

This part was so funny. He took it so seriously. He thought those spiders were real and did NOT want to wake them. 
Ohhhh the fun of imaginative play!

after a while we hung our bugs in the web too

and Tinkerbelle

I literally had to give him a good pep talk to muster the bravery to go rescue Tinkerbelle and her bug friends. He became the bug rescuer and off he went! In this picture he is literally pointing and yelling at the spider telling him that he better stay where he is and leave his friends alone!

This was my favorite part
 While he was rescuing his bugs, I shook the web for a little added dramatic effect and a spider fell (not my intention but such a funny outcome) which scared him and he scrambled back to me as fast as he could without touching the web and dodging the other spiders. Of course I died laughing! Then I reminded him that Tinkerbelle was still in the web and he couldn't leave her so he had to kill the spider! My brave little boy got his big robot and shot the spider to save the day! haha (for real, he took this so seriously)

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  1. Very cool!
    We do a similar activity (with a train) using straw to make it flow
    (sorry it's in italian but photos can explaine it)

  2. This reminds me of being a kid! I used to make a gigantic web in my room, turn the lights off, and try to get through it with just the moonlight from my window. What fun! Your boys are lucky to have such a creative Mama.

  3. Oh my goodness! I would have given anything to see his reaction when you shook that web! LOL What a fun activity Mama! You are awesome!!!

  4. This is darling. I sent you an email. Hope you receive it.

  5. You are so fun. I wish you were my neighbor so we could play lol.

  6. thank you for another great idea, we did this today and little man loved it! :0)

  7. So cute! I love the idea, but I love you sharing L's responses even more. :o) I can't wait until my little 4-month old is ready for fun like this!

  8. I love this - I am curious though, how old is L in these photos? My son is 18 months do you think he'd get the concepts or is this more for older toddler play?

  9. Hahaha! My boys will LOVE this!! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the great idea!


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