Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mud Kitchen

I brought L's kitchen outside for some serious mud pie action. It was amazing! We were outside for easily 5 hours of mud fun. A big plus was that cleanup was super easy I just hosed everything off when we were done! The downside...I can't just dig a hole in my front yard and our back yard is a rock yard) so I used potting soil (or mix?..anyway, the one without the fertilizer) and after we were done L developed a rash (read bottom of post). Soooo, next time we'll have to go looking for some "real" dirt.
(crazy that I have to go buy dirt though)

But nevermind the rash...L had SOOO much fun!

The Setup

Ingredient Basket

Mud Chicken

So proud of his soup, and of course Mommy had to taste everything :)

I couldn't resist making a mud pie of my own

and after making my own mud pie I was fully on board with helping cook a mud feast.
From left to right we have:
rock soup, mud bread, mud chicken, mud muffins, and mud tacos

Now, after getting some "real dirt" i'm totally inviting some mom friends over so our kids can have a
Mud Pie Playdate! 

I want to warn anyone reading this that L brokeout in serious hives from playing in the Miracle Grow potting soil. My husband works with a guy whose kid played in their garden that had Miracle grow and the same thing happend! I would now advise anyone to not let their children play with miracle grow potting soil, just in case. We'll be using REAL dirt from now on.
Talk about some major mommy guilt!

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  1. We have a wood kitchen indoors, but I picked up a broken Craigslist freebie just for outdoors. It was so cool of you to actually cart yours outdoors!

  2. You know we are down for that, but I just thought I'd let ya know I saved some yogurt cups for mud yogurt, jello cups for jello mud and A's baby microwave meal carton for a cute mud meal plate (:

  3. Okay, I think I may be going overboard for mudpie food, but I couldn't resist saving the egg carton for mudpie eggs & a dairy queen hotfudge sundae spoon and cup for a mudpie sundae!!!!

    I promise no more mudpie props... I think!

    I know, I know its for the kids, haha (:

  4. I love this and I love the look on L's face, he's so proud of his concoctions! Wonderful!!

  5. Aww he is so proud of his creations! Fun Fun! :D


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