Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outdoor Pretend Play: Carrot Garden in a Storage Container

When I was younger my grandma had raised gardens and a few of them were just for us kids. Sometimes we planted things and sometimes they were just used for making mud pies. I remember pulling carrots and eating them straight from the garden. Well, the other day L wanted to buy the BIG bag of carrots instead of baby carrots and it gave me an idea. We don't have a garden at home (yet) so I got one of our large storage containers, added some potting soil, and put some carrots in the soil. I gave him a basket and a bucket of water as well.

So simple...but he loved it.
He pulled them up and replanted them himself many times.
He loved washing them and of course he had to taste a few as well.

I want to warn anyone reading this that L brokeout in serious hives from playing in the Miracle Grow potting soil. My husband works with a guy whose kid played in their garden that had Miracle grow and the same thing happend! I would now advise anyone to not let their children play with miracle grow potting soil, just in case. We'll be using REAL dirt from now on.
 (talk about some major mommy guilt!)

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  1. Jessie this is so cute! What a great mom you are!

    Thanks for linking up with us again at Outdoor Play :-)

  2. How fun!! *Well not the hives part! bless his heart! It's not your fault Mama J, you didn't know!

  3. Thank you for the warning! I plan to get organic soil to use because then I won't worry too much if a lot of dirt goes into the mouth. I also am looking forward to using other veggies to give more variety--going to use this for the toddlers at cousins camp!

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