Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fairy Garden in a Planter Pot

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I love fairy gardens! 
I made this one for a little girl's birthday and had so much fun making it!

The Pot

I filled a large plastic planter halfway with large rocks and then added potting soil to fill

Fairy Garden Features

 a mossy path that leads to a hidden pond (blue aquarium rocks)

I planted soft, velvety fairy friendly lambs ear that can be carefully watered separately

Mini birds nest with eggs

I made the table myself (sticks, bark, hotglue)
 but found a miniture vase at hobby lobby that I couldn't resist.
I have a huge collection of acorns and acorn caps and I found the tiniest connected acorn caps and hot glued tiny sparkly beads in them to be "magic acorns"

I made the wood teepee also using sticks and bark and a LOT of hot glue..which you can see.

I bought the miniature bottle at Hobby Lobby, and the "fairy dust" is sugar since
 I couldn't find my white glitter.

Have you made a fairy garden?
If so send me a link, I'd love to see it!

I entered the 2011 Fairy Garden Competition
 hosted by the blog, The Magic Onions!

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  1. Hi! This is so great! We are planning on making fairies and fairy houses this summer, but I think I may have to add a fairy garden, too! I will drop you a link when I do.

  2. Hello readers of this post,
    I'm L's best buds Mom! I have to say that this post doesn't even begin to describe how magical this fairy garden really is! My 3 year old birthday girl loves her magical garden and fairies. My daughter received this gift just this afternoon and she played with it until 10 o'clock tonight (sugar high). I just cannot thank Jessica enough for all the work she put into this gift. The attention to detail is amazing! I'm in aww of how special this gift is to my daughter. I see many magical adventures in our future!!! Every child (or adult, if your like me) needs a garden like this

    I will be posting about this magical gift on my blog soon,

    Jessica, thank you & Lawson so much!

  3. Awesome! Here are two links:

  4. Jessica!!!! This is just darling!!! What a special lil girl she is for getting such a magical gift-she will probably remember this for a very long time!

  5. You rock! I love this and maybe someday I will make one for Miss Jada
    ~Andrea from Jada Roo Can Do

  6. Adorable! Love the little table and moss path. We make these as end of the year teacher gifts every year for our daughter's teachers.
    Here's a link:

    pink and green mama

  7. Oh my, Jessie... this is too delightful. The details! There is magic in your garden for sure!!!
    LOVE love love it all and I can see that you guys had soooo much fun making it - doesn't it just explode the imagination :-)
    Blessings and magic,

  8. Haha, I just pinned this on Pinterest today, without even realising it was yours! LOL! Love it to pieces! Will definitely have to make one like this when Sweet Pea is a little older (can't yet trust her not to put those cute little pieces in her mouth).

  9. What a beautiful fairy garden! My daughters would love to have something like this! You've inspired me to make a fairy garden with my daughters (or...maybe...each of us will make our own!).

  10. Wow, I love it! Especially that little teepee.

  11. Your fairy garden turned out to be magical! I like the wooden teepee structure with the mini shelving! That's a neat way to include the lamb's ear plant in your landscape too.

  12. This is the most adorable fairy garden I've ever seen! Many of the ones on Pinterest are fairly boring--not exactly gardens a fairy would actually want to visit. This is just darling, and very useful to a fairy (a place to sleep, eat, stroll, etc). The only thing I would have added is a mirror--they're supposed to be rather vain, and I think a mirror would attract a fairy and encourage her to stick around. ;-)

  13. This is truly beautiful. I am inspired. Thank you!


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