Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recycled DVD Case Books

This was a recycling project L and I started on Earth Day, but we're just now finishing today on this rainy afternoon indoors. My family got rid of all of our DVD cases to put our DVD's in a sleeve book. I saved about 20 of them to recycle and turn into personalized books with L.

Our first recycled DVD case book was a book about colors.

How We Did It
I used a few pages of printer paper and cut them down to a size that fit into the DVD case.
I folded the pages over and stapled them into a book.
We searched a food magazine for foods of different colors and then cut and paste them onto pages labeled with the color name.
I then hot glued the book into the binding of the DVD case.

The book theme possibilities are endless!
Colors, animals, holiday themes, favorite things, shapes, short stories, rhyming words, family member photos and names, etc.  

I can't wait till he can start drawing pictures to tell a story and I can write the narration of what he says is happening in his picture.

This is a great recyling project! We made something special and personalized that I can neatly keep forever and I am so excited to start making many more!

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  1. Oh what a wonderful idea. Definitely using this one. I have shared on FB -!/pages/Our-Worldwide-Classroom/145093988867367 and added to my Tagfoot -

    Hope that's ok?

  2. Love it! Any suggestions if we don't have DVD cases?

  3. Sarah-Jane BatesMay 14, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    I am an Early years educator from Australia. I have just discovered your site and am totally inspired and in love with it. Awesome job. Thankyou for sharing. (Also in love with your lifestyle and surroundings lol)

  4. What a lovely blog I've just discovered via Pinterest!!! I'm following it. I'd also like to subscribe to it via e-mail, so that I don't miss the latest posts. Is it possible? My e-mail address is


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