Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Nature Filled Day

Here in Northwest Arkansas we've been seeing our share of bad weather. We've had severe storms, flooding, and tornados for the past week. We finally had our first day of full sunshine and we were outside enjoying it as much as we could. We really got a look at the arrival of Spring!

A walk around the neighborhood.
You could really see the flood damage in some areas.

Looking for rolly pollies

This tree is covered in HUUGE thorns! It's called a Locust Tree and I've never seen this tree in it's natural habitat, just it's thorns encased in nature centers around Arkansas.
I had no idea there was one on our street!

Caterpillars are EVERYWHERE right now.

I loved getting the opportunity to talk to L about how caterpillars change into butterflies

I love finding heart shapes in nature. I always send a picture of my heart find to my husband.
I sent this picture with the caption:
I "Leaf" You!

And our greatest find of the day!

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  1. Aww what a fun adventure! the baby birds are so sweet! If you go to you can get a caterpiller kit and grow your own butterflies! i am fixing to order some for us! :)


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