Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Drawing Wars

Ok, so this may sound silly, but in our house this game is regular thing and it's a guaranteed laugh fest. On almost every one of my husband's day's off we have drawing wars. This is when we get to take turns choosing what we both draw or my son L tells us what to draw. Then we both draw it at the same time and show eachother our drawings when we've finished.

What makes this so flippin funny is that we're both horrible at drawing! I'm so much worse than Brian. Like, I have no artistic drawing ability whatsoever. I try my darndest, but everything I draw looks like a cartoon with no realistic value at all. I'm also not good with spacial details, nor do I have any 3d ability.
But this is what makes this such a fun game.
We KNOW we can't draw
and we know that we're gonna crack up the second we see eachother's drawings.

I was at my mom's house the other day and I told her about the game Brian and I play, so we decided to try it out. Now, my mom isn't a big drawer, BUT she's better than I am.
Hey, I'll take a laugh at my expense.
We also took to drawing some male anatomy..which was hilarious.
I figured on not including those in the photo collage above though lol.

Next time i'll save my husband and I's drawings to post.

This game makes for some BIG LAUGHS in my house.
You should try it out in your family!

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  1. I have been reading for a long time and love your wonderful activities for kids. This is my first comment because I simply had to tell you to go look at what your drawings of pigs mean about your personality.

    So much fun!


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