Monday, April 25, 2011

Imago Theater's ZooZoo Performance

On Saturday my mom and I took L and J to see Imago Theater's ZooZoo Performance at the Walton Arts Center. It was really something unique and different!
About an hour long, and void of dialog, this visually stimulating performance kept L entertained the entire time. Even my teenage stepson was laughing and smiling!
(trust me, thats rare and it's a beautiful thing!)

The performance features actors in complete and full animal costumes doing acrobatic and comedic routines that will have you and your children laughing and saying "whoa!" at the same time. They are very interactive with the audience too which keeps the kids on the edge of their seats!
 They are on tour and if this performance comes to your area I highly suggest taking your children!

Take a look!

We are really lucky to have the Walton Arts Center in our local community. It brings live music, broadway theater performances, comedy acts, children's performances, etc. into our lives.

So far we've been to the Walton Arts Center to see:
*Beauty and the Beast on Broadway (mine AND my husband's favorite!)
*The Color Purple on Broadway
*Legally Blonde on Broadway

Children's Performances
*The Butterfly Garden by TPO's Kindur
*Imago Theater's ZooZoo

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