Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Between the Storms

The last few days and it seems like this whole month has been non stop rain and storms.
We've been so cooped up that as soon as a we get a decent break in the rain we head outside almost immediately. We've just moved into our new house and the lake park one street over has been our outside destination quite frequently. It's an amazing park surrounded by woods on one side and the lake on the other. A playground, soft green grass, a creek, a cave, a cove...its perfect.
 and the lake overflow has made for some awesome outdoor play.

A fairy tree cave of course :)

A seriously beautiful place

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  1. Where is this beautiful place? I would love to take Weston.

  2. Hey Jill! This is Tiree Park in Bella Vista. It's in the Highlands. Lemme know if you wanna go. My house is literally one minute away and i'd love to meet ya there :)

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures! What a great place for your son to play outdoors! I do hope you'll link this up to this week's Outdoor Play linky!

    PS - I just love your son's glasses, he looks so cute in them!!

  4. You are so right. This is a seriously beautiful place. How wonderful to have this as your outdoor play room. I'm exceedingly jealous :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us and hope to see you again next week.

  5. ahhh I miss Arkansas so much sometimes.. it's so beautiful (:

  6. I'm enjoying these beautiful pictures all over again! Thanks so much for coming over to link up! Hope we'll see you back on Outdoor Play again!

  7. I love these cute pictures! What a great place to explore.

  8. How fun! And what luck moving next door to a park! That is the perfect thing for you guys!! :) Hopefully we can come play with you two soon! :)


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