Monday, May 16, 2011

Painting Daisies

Today we painted daisies...among other things...

We went on a small nature hunt for things to paint and paint with

L loved painting the daisies the most

dipping the daisy

and I couldn't let L have ALL the fun so I painted my own blue daisy :) 

and then rocks

and leaves

and a little leaf printing as well

and he added a splash of color to the yard

all of this leading to the enevitable....
"mommy can I paint the ground?"

a collaborative project of course

and the question which always shortly follows...
"Mommy, can I paint myself?"

and then of course I can't help but to join in

and then L takes over

and some driveway body printing action starts

and then mommy gets a bit carried away....

but thats just the fun and joy spontaneous matter how much the daisy nipples made daddy cringe (and then laugh...and then cringe again) HAHAHA!

Hey, pictures like these are necessary!
Someday he'll get married
and we'll have to have pictures like this to show his wife and children!

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  1. painting daisies - what a great idea. painting yourself, gosh my daughter would think you are the coolest mum!

  2. bahahahaha! Love the nipps Lawson and Mommy! A Good one for when he's older indeed!! ;) Looks like fun! I guess i should let the kids run out there and paint the yard! We have a ton of mint leaves! haha why not?! :)

  3. Hahaha! I love the painting with flowers idea and of course, the daisy nipples picture is funny and cute. Visiting from Childhood 101 :) Glad to find your blog.

  4. It often ends up with the kids painting themselves at our place too :)

  5. That pic of the daisy nipples had me in fits of laughter. What a ham!
    ~Jada roo can do

  6. Thank you for the laugh this morning. I love the nipples daisies.

  7. Adorable!! It makes me want to sing "We're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red!" :)

  8. What paint do you suggest for this and most other of the painting projects you have listed? Love all your ideas!!
    Best, India


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