Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretend Play: Bathtime for the Stuffed Animals

L treats his stuffed animals as though they are real. When I provide voices for them he absolutely loves it. Anything having to do with putting his stuffed animals into real situations or giving them realistic qualities delights the pants off this kid. I've let his stuffed animals drive with me, stuck them out the sunroof while they scream "whoohooooo!," taken them into the grocery store to let them help with the shopping, given them their own plate of food at the dinner table, literally taken them to the doctor for a checkup, etc. All while providing the different silly voices for each one the whole time. I may look crazy but It's absolutely adorable to see how happy it makes him and when the time comes that he grows out of this imaginative stage it will be very sad indeed.

Until then...his stuffed animals will continue to have many adventures!

Today I let L give a few of his stuffed friends a bath outside.
I filled a tub with water and added some dish soap,
gave him a rag, an almost empty bottle of body wash and the hose.
He washed them so carefully and talked to each one telling them what parts of the body he had to wash and  how clean and nice they were going to be.

Time to rinse off

And now its time for a nice nap in the sun to dry

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  1. haha this isn't sad at ALL! I love it. I think you can't underestimate the power of giving toys and puppets voices and getting them to narrate real life scenarios. It's so brilliant for exploring PHSE issues and especially for exploring emotions through a "third party'. I think you should take photos of all the adventures your teddies go on and out them into a book!

  2. This is wonderful imaginative play - and such a learning experience as well! Its amazing to see them in action like this, to see how what you've been doing with them impacts them. I love this idea, and I think we may do something similar!


  3. Jess, you know I love this.
    Our stuffed animals are always on an adventure with us too, however we haven't given them a bath... I'm inspired- when I get the chance of course.
    We are playing doctor with our teddy's this week :)

  4. Aww! I LOVE this lil adventure you guys did! He looks like he is having a blast! Why have i not ever thought of this?! haha

  5. We used to wash babies at my old preschool but I never thought to wash stuffed animals! Looks like he had a blast! You've be featured this week on It's Playtime. Thanks for sharing and don't forget to grab a "featured" button!

    Rachele@ Messy Kids

  6. I usually just chuck them in the washing machine, but this way looks like way more fun! Will definitely do this next time the snugglies are ready for some de-snotting! (too much information??)

    Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play again!

  7. You are SUCH an amazing mom!! You have to have the happiest kid alive. I LOVE reading your activities and seeing all of the pictures. - Becky


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