Thursday, May 5, 2011

Indoor Bubble Blowing

Probably one of the easiest, cheapest, and entertaining activities L has done in a long time.
I just added some washable red paint (his color choice) and some dish detergent to a bowl of warm water, gave him some straws and a couple utensils and let him play.

and then he wanted green

He started blowing the bubbles to make a clearing which he called a "pond"

He was so preoccupied with blowing and popping bubbles that it never became a splash fest. It was suprisingly a very mellow activity that kept him at play for quite a while. 

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  1. GREAT idea!!!! i love the pond comment! he is so smart!

  2. We whisk bubbles in a large mixing bowl with a little water and some detergent but I love this idea more and must give it ago.

  3. I just did this with my 6 year old, three year old, and one year old. Fun was had by all!! Great activity for multiple ages. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great idea! I just love, love your blog and am so inspired by it! :) Thanks so much!

  5. if you add a LOT of food coloring after he blows bubbles you can print them on paper and turn this into an art idea:) Children Love to see what a popped bubble looks like on paper!

  6. I tried this idea with my preschool class and I had trouble with them sucking instead of blowing, so I decided to try milk with food coloring instead of detergent and it worked great. We also set paper down on top of the bubbles to make bubble prints.

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I've pinned a bunch!

  7. Hilarious!

    Just tried this with my 2-year-old and she made it a splash fest after all. The bubbles held her interest for all of 30 seconds, and then she went on to scooping and pouring, running to the kitchen repeatedly for spoons and small bowls to scoop up water, and muffin pans to pour into.

    I had to keep chasing after her in the kitchen to make sure she didn't get into things that weren't appropriate for her.

    Sighhh...and here I thought I would get at least 30 mins to work on edible paints & other things.

  8. Thanks for sharing! My kids are doing this right now, and there are lots of giggles! It's a perfect activity to keep them busy while I work with their older sister on her school work :)


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