Friday, May 6, 2011

Creek and Critters

We had an amazing day filled with sunshine and a trip to the creek with friends. We saw so many different critters today...caterpillars, crawdads, lizards, salamanders...and I took some priceless pictures of our fun filled day that I was so looking forward to sharing and keeping forever.

And then I accidentally deleted them ALL.
and then I cried.

The only ones I have are the ones I sent to my husband earlier in the day.

We found many baby salamanders but I could only manage to catch one.
So cute!

I love my nature loving little boy!

Exploring with friends

The lizard we found in the garage at the end of the day.
It's just a sleepover...we'll let him go tomorrow :)

We also found one of those HUGE fuzzy black caterpillars. Like this one...

and we used little sticks to build a corral around it so we could watch it for a while...
but those pictures got erased.
However, the corral was still there the next day so we put a snail in it!

And we also found and caught a crawdad and put him in small pool of water by the creek so we could watch him
But those pictures got erased.

and I got a picture and video of L throwing "wishing rocks" into the creek and making a wish that "all his family would love him forever"
and that got erased too.

So yes, we had an amazing day filled with so many wonderful memories. No I don't have the pictures I was so excited to have and keep forever, and I am so sad about it that my stomach is upset.
BUT, you know....I have to realize that I'm not going to be able to pictorially document every amazing day and every amazing moment in life and days like this will just have to live on through memory. 

and it certainly will.

But I sure do wish I had those pictures....

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  1. Aww darn. :( But you will forever keep those memories in your heart and head Mama! That pic of him sitting is too cute!!


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