Friday, January 28, 2011

Homemade Silly Putty

This is a pretty basic messy art recipe.
Silly putty is easy to make, and the homemade kind is more fun than the silly putty you used to get in the quarter machines that was in that little peach egg looking thing.

What You Need

4 tablespoons liquid starch
8 tablespoons of white school glue
Your choice of food coloring

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.
Stir a bit, then let set for 5 minutes.
Start working it by hand and it will firm up 
Have fun!

What's nice about silly putty is that yes its sticky but its actually not THAT messy.
It's really easy to peel off of your skin and whatever's left can be easily washed off with warm water.

It also saves for a long time in an airtight container or ziplock bag.

* I haven't yet tried to wash that white shirt above on L, however a friend has informed me that it does not easily wash out of clothing! 

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  1. We make this all the time. The kiddos just love it:) Love that shade of green!

  2. We like this better than playdoh! This putty last forever in a container. WARNING- it will stick to clothing and take many, many washes to come out!

    Love that little boy (:

  3. Andrea:Yeah it's such an easy and fun project isn't it?! L chose green but I wanted purple. I think making a few colors and letting him play with them together would be neat!

    Tiffany: Yeah it really does save forever in a ziplock or an airtight container...I added that to the post. AND I haven't washed that shirt yet so I didn't know it was difficult to get out SOOO I added that bit of info to the post too. haha...still super fun though! I'll just take his shirt off next time :) Thanks for the advice..or warning rather haha


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