Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Painting

Yay for more snow! L loves playing in the snow and begged to go out early this morning. However, it was like literally 4 degrees out and I just wasn't on board with that. Pitifully he sat looking out his window at the beautiful white snow and so I went outside and brought a bunch inside for some....

food coloring
Spray bottles, squirt bottles, paintbrushes, and droppers
Some bowls, pans, cups, and a bowl of warm water to warm hands and experiment with melting snow.

L had lots of fun with this! I've been wanting to do this outside in the snow. Last week when it snowed I brought all the stuff outside for snow painting, but with his gloves on, he can't really get a grip on the spray bottle and the squirt bottle slips out of his hands. So, it became an inside project.
With plastic tablecloths, all things are possible!

I found some other snow painting pics from around the internet.
Looks like kids and adults have fun doing this.
Happy snow painting! 


  1. What a fun project! Did he eat any?? Makes me crave a sno-cone!! haha

  2. I SO love your blog and I'm going to feature it as my website of the week on my own blog! Thanks for all the great ideas, and your little son is adorable! Love his new glasses!


  3. Cass: It made me want a snowcone too!

    Carmin: Thank you so much, thats so nice of you! Congrats on your pregnancy!


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