Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

A weekly post
that captures the memories we've made
from Monday-Sunday
(including the cat)

With the holidays and school work, I haven't done one of these weekly posts in a while, so this post has pictures from the last few weeks as well.

Links are highlighted in Green

Pretending to sleep at the table (snoring and all).
This is his new thing when he doesn't want to eat his veggies.

Sticker Play

First snow angel

and some snow snackin

L gets a snack all by himself, without mommy knowing.
He even got a plate out of the dishwasher!

Some of our afternap activities of the week

Caddy Cats Week

Spy Cat

Centerpiece Cat

Basket Cat

Comfy Cat

I would also like to announce that L is now fully day time potty trained! It was one VERY stressful week, but if I knew it would only have taken a week, I wouldn't have stressed so much! He is on his way to being FULLY potty trained, as we have had several dry nights as well! I'm am so excited that he's potty trained, but also a bit sad. This was his last "baby" thing. It feels like he's all grown up now.
I kind of have baby empty nest. haha.

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  1. oh my goodness! Your Caddy is just too cute in those pics!!!!! :D Love every picture of your week! :)

  2. Have you seen the new duck tape at walmart? Flames and I think peace signs LOL

  3. Thank you Cassie!

    Pam: YES, I've seen them and I keep meaning to pick some up! Thanks for the reminder :)


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