Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treasure Ice Cubes

L is obsessed with "treasure" and he loves to play in water and so I froze some small toys and trinkets in an ice cube tray and then let him drop them into warm water to discover the hidden "treasure."

His new treasure collection

I'll definately be doing this activity again in the summer. These would be a great summer water activity...even in a kiddie pool.Heck, we could just put the ice cubes on the sidewalk! I've already got lots of ice melting ideas for summer. I'm thinking BIG ice blocks. 

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  1. Our kids here at daycare love ice too. I often freeze trinkets in colored water. I just can not get over how cute he is in those glasses!

  2. Yeah, its such a cheap and fun activity for kids. I've done colored ice cubes before but colored cubes AND trinkets would be awesome! I'll definately do that next time. Thanks for the idea! LOL and thank you...I love the glasses too! haha

  3. Congrats on the potty training. :) Toys r us has a piddlepad thing for his car seat to protect it from accidents. Not sure if you know about that ;)

  4. Thanks! Yep, thats one thing i'm glad to get out of the way. no I did not know about those things, but i'll sure be getting one! Thanks! :)

  5. LOVE the ice cubes thing!!!!! I will have to surprise my kids with that one! they have SO many lil toys i usually end up throwing away..but now i will hide them in my art box and surprise them with an ice cube toy! hahaha You're such awesome inspiration!

  6. My kids are a bit older and we use colored water (the darker the better) and then I give them a play hammer and they pretend to be archeologists and chip away!

    I usually put tiny dinosaurs in the cubes!

  7. Cathy @ pre-schoolplayMay 18, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Another fantastic idea to add to my list!

  8. Sounds like fun! My girls would love it too :)


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