Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Giant Geoboard

I had a small plastic Geoboard when I was a kid that I just loved to play with! I've been wanting to buy L one, but I just knew I could make one on my own! 
Once again, the internet came to my "homemade how to" rescue.
I found the exact type of board I had envisioned for the kids HERE.

I bought wood PEGBOARD from Lowe's which comes in HUGE sheets and had it cut into 2x2 squares. I only needed that one piece but you still have to buy the whole sheet (around $10.00) so I had the rest cut into 2x2 squares as well. Perhaps i'll gift a few geoboards next Christmas!

I then asked for help finding some bolts and nuts that would fit.
 I knew I wanted the bolt to stick up about 1 inch off of the board.
I ended up with the Machine brand Round Combo w/Nut. 10-24x1/M5.1x25.4 (to be exact)
 I twisted them in every 3rd hole on the board, and secured it with the nut. The back of the board with the round bolt heads is pretty flat with no jagged edges that can be laid on carpet or your bed without snagging.

It became an instant hit and my 12 year old stepson loves to play with it too.

While the bolts aren't sharp on the end, if younger children are playing with this, you'll need to supervise. Falling on the board or even stepping on it could indeed cause pain or injury.

All together I spent about 20 dollars (because I had to buy the whole pegboard). It only took about 30 minutes to put together. For the size that I wanted, it really was worth it to make my own! The kids love it!

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  1. That is really awesome Jess!!! and that overhead pic was so cool!

  2. This is superb! Shared it on Pinterest :)

  3. Oh, I want this for my buddies! Thanks so much for the idea!

  4. I shared your link on my blog!

    come by and visit!

  5. i think my son would love this! great idea!

  6. Hang it on the wall to avoid falling on it .. it's a perfect activity to have out ALL THE TIME!!! I will be making one .. this weekend!

  7. Where did you get your rubber bands, and how long & thick are they?


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