Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Marci J,
winner of the wooden peg family in my first blog giveaway!
Hope you enjoy them and be sure to send pics of your decorated family! We'd love to see!

visit Marci's blog, Cherish Joy!
 She has wonderful bath salt and body scrub recipes.

Thanks to all who entered and for your kind words and comments. I was quite suprised to see how many enteries their were. I expected maybe....10 at the most. There were 58 enteries by the end of the giveaway! This definately makes me want to do this more often. I've always loved giving gifts, it just makes ya feel good doesn't it?! Again, thanks to everyone who entered, left a kind comment, or are now following my blog.
You guys rock!

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  1. thank you! I'm really excited to test my creative skills and decorate this family. I love what you did with them for a Christmas gift for your son. I would like to do something similar for my nephews. I'll send pics :)


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